Friday, November 30, 2012

Starting Out!

Hi everyone! My name is Marita. :) I've started this blog to track my new, healthy lifestyle and the transformations that will follow!

I'll be the first to admit that I am not, or was not, the healthiest person. I have been neglecting my body and its needs for too long, and that's why I made the decision to start this new healthy lifestyle. I will be eating vegan, going without alcohol, and watching everything that goes into my body very closely. I will also start being more active.

I want to begin with describing the various minor ailments that my unhealthy lifestyle has caused. Throughout the course of this blog, I will go back to these and talk about how they have eased or disappeared because of the new way I am treating my body. I'm hoping that others who deal with these things will find help from my words, and possibly motivation as well.

Some of the things I suffer from are:
-rosacea, mostly on my face
-very dry skin (no matter how much I moisturize)
-problems with digestion
-total lack of motivation
-lethargy (constantly tired)

It is my goal to make all those things disappear! I realized that no one else but me can change my life, and if I want something to be different, I have to go out and make the change!

In this blog I will also be sharing yummy healthy recipes that I have either created or found, tips on living a healthy lifestyle, the frustrations and tears that come along with ridding yourself of addiction, my fitness routine, and motivation and help for those wishing to join me!

I hope you read and find something helpful in this blog.